Introduction to Tiles Work

Tiling can be done by anyone and for those people have everything that you possibly need to do the job, we will gladly give and technical help you may need to attempt it yourself.

However tiling is usually the last job to complete a new bathroom or kitchen and a bad tiling job can really let the whole room down. Tiling isn’t quite as easy as it looks and the equipment used by our tillers costs several thousands of pounds to buy. We have some of the largest numbers of trade customers that use us for their materials and have no wish to undercut them to get tile fixing work.

We have offered a tile fixing service since 2004 and that need arose simply as we found when tillers were busy they would sometimes increase their prices as they didn’t need the work.

Also to this day there are a huge amount of people with little or no skills offering tiling services. When something goes wrong customers had little or no chance of contacting them again, let alone getting someone to rectify a mistake. We as a company are open seven days a week and can be fully contacted in numerous ways. Any problems are can be dealt with quickly and very efficiently.

Under floor heating can really boost the room’s potential from an aesthetic and economic perspective. It can be cheap to run and can be used as a sole source of heat for a single room, so excellent for an extension which would otherwise need a new heating system.

We supply and fit the under floor heating system to any room, the only thing that we don’t do is connect it to the main electrics. For this you would need a fully qualified electrician

We always recommend a leveling compound over the top of an under floor heating system, this eliminates “hot spots” where a pocket of air causes uneven heating to the floor. The main reason leveling though is to encase the wires so should you ever need to lift a tile you can do so without damaging the system.

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